Sunday, February 06, 2011

Feb. 26'th 2011 ROADTRIP to Detroit!!!

The Detroit Lithuanian Hockey tournament was a great success! We met the Chicago "Baltics" team at the halfway point in good ‘ol Detroit! It looks like it's going to be an annual event.

Many thanks to Kunigas Gediminas Jonikas for singing the Lithuanian national anthem and saying some kind words. Thanks also to Chicago and Detroit's team captains and organizers for their generosity and helping make this event possible.

Toronto Klevo Lapai 2 vs Chicago Baltics 0 - 1:30pm till 3pm at Eddie Edgar Rink A
Goal: J. Radžius Assists: D. Smith, J. Mažeika
Goal: D. Smith Assists: D. Govėdas, A. Kišonas
Game Video - thanks Denis!

Detroit Kovas/TKL 3 vs Chicago Baltics 2 - 5pm at Eddie Edgar Rink B

Follow this link to an AMAZING photo album of the weekend, created by Gedas Stanaitis of Chicago!

The Embassy Suites Detroit - Southfield hotel provided everyone with terrific service and hospitality all weekend.

The party with DJ was at 7:30pm at The Pub Restaurant and we all had a great time there.

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Donna B said...

Great times in Detroit! All teams played well and as a spectator, I can say that I truly enjoyed my time there. But it wouldn't have been so successful without fantastic organizers, friendliness among fellow Lithuanians and fantastic fans :)
Next year all the way! Any help needed with organization, feel free to reach out!!!