Friday, February 27, 2009

Exhibition Game Result: TKL 6 vs. Estonians 4

Sorry to our fans for the short notice regarding this game. It was a Baltic Cup qualifier game organized by the Toronto Estonians on Friday Feb 27, 2009. 6 - 7:15pm at Centennial RC (Scarborough). Great ice given the rink time shortages throughout the GTA!

The Estonians were a bit short staffed and many thanks to the four TKL'ers that jumped over to the dark side to help them out! The score was tied at 2 after one period, 4-3 TKL after two and we traded a few goals in a hard fought third.

Most notable was the great effort on the part of both goalies, mainly TKL's Jonas Kurpeikis who took a couple hard shots off the clavicle and had some serious welts to take home as his souvenir along with his second Baltic Cup win. Stewart Pitchford filled in for the Estonians and did an admirable job snagging his share of shots too.

Also of note was Mike "Shakes" Mazeika finally breaking the ice - more like opening the floodgates - to rifle in 4 goals! The other TKL goals were scored by Alvin Kišonas and Rick Dresheris.

Here are a couple of game photos...