Sunday, May 07, 2006

Check the TZ

Our team photo was shown in the May 2nd (nr. 18) Tėviškės Žiburiai Lithuanian weekly newspaper!

The photo took up a full 1/3 of the page in the sports section!! Check it out.

Scroll further down this blog to the game summary for a full colour photo version.

The logo has been finally finalized

Our new logo is finally done and incorporates popular Toronto, Canada and Lithuanian themes. The stylized vytis was designed by a famous Toronto Lithuanian artist in the late 60s and is royalty free! The leaf is our own design and borrows elements of both the Canadian National team leaf and the Toronto Maple Leafs logo, in 3D! It'll look super sharp on our new uniforms. Stay tuned for the number design, it rocks too!

Download this sample image to your computer and use it as your background image. Enjoy!

Keep a spot open in your rear window for window stickers featuring our new logo. The logo has been vectorized and can be scaled to any size, including flags and banners, oh the possiblities.

Here's a review of the over 30 designs that didn't quite make it. Thanks again to all TKL'ers for their input!