Monday, January 04, 2010

We finally WON a game against the Latvians!!!

Just want to THANK everyone who participated in the charity game on December 18’th! We FINALLY won against the Latvians!!!!

It was an incredible game! We were down 3-0 in the first period and we actually came back and won it 7-6! It was a hard fought game and the last minute of the game was a nail biter! The fan turnout was great for both teams and the new mastercard centre was a perfect pad to play on.
After taking a 2 year hiatus, Brian Mielko came back full force & scored a HATTRICK that night! Mike Mazeika shook the monkey off his back and finally scored not 1 but 2 goals that night. As always, Steve Podsadecki scored a goal and so did Rick Dresher. There were soooo many assists that night but none were recorded but I’m sure Derek Smith had a couple. Everyone played great and Danius Lelis played awesome in net!
We raised $300 for the Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home that night from our team alone!Everyone one who participated donated $10 and we had 4 penalties that night so those guys donated an additional $20 each. Matt Bonner had 2 penalties and Tomas Girdauskas & Romas Biskys had one.

The Maple Leaf bar afterwards had great wings, good service and a great setup! Overall this game night was a success!

Maybe this year we’ll win the Baltic Cup???


Danius said...

Gal but! VARYK'ER!!!

Lifebird said...

So how can I order one of those awesome new jerseys? - Tadas